Over The Counter Medicine for Bacterial Vaginosis

By admin | October 21, 2011

Over the counter medicine for bacterial vaginosis is available in drug stores. There different products from different brands. Their prices vary depending on the brand. However there are prescriptions that need to be given by the doctor. You can get hold of these products in the form of tablets and creams. These drugs help soothe the itchy pain away and flush off the harmful bacteria causing the infection. Antibiotics are not necessarily good to be taken as treatments for bacterial vaginosis. They fight the good and bad bacteria out of the body. I hope you are not surprised to hear the words good bacteria. A lactobacillus bacterium is one of the most important bacteria found in the body.  It helps fight bad bacteria to prevent infection. If it is flushed out, you body’s immunity goes down and you are more prone to diseases.

Bacterial vaginosis is caused by bacteria when there is a PH imbalance in the vagina. To treat the condition you need to get over the counter medicine for bacterial vaginosis that will help restore PH balance in the vagina to the normal. Ensure you read and understand the instructions on the usage of the drugs before taking them. These drugs are usually not suitable for use by pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, diabetic patients and people with stomach problems or complications.

In this article there are few different treatments you can buy to help cure BV.  They could be of help to you. Research shows that   Rephresh is said to be used in restoring normal vagina PH hence treating bacterial vaginosis. It is inserted into the vagina with the help of an applicator. Another drug which is available from your pharmacy is Fem- dophilus. It is ingested orally and also helps in restoring PH in the vagina. Femigel is a natural lubricant that is inserted in the vagina with the help of an applicator to promote good and healthy PH in the vagina. It contains tea tree that helps in killing the bacteria that causes bacterial vaginosis.

If you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis ensure you should avoid synthetic or tight panties as they prevent enough circulation of air in the vaginal area causing warmth and moist which are the ideal conditions for bacteria to breed. This, plus the use of a few simple product which you can get hold

Over the counter medicine for bacterial vaginosis will help ensure you recover quickly. Lady balance is a product that is available in drug stores and supermarkets and is a popular option.  A simple vitamin tablet is another over the counter treatment for bacterial vaginosis. Vitamins help to flush out the bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosis. These products  may work out for some people, however we are all different and what works out for you may not work out for me, it is therefore important to seek the opinion of a specialist if you try out 2-3 brands of over the counter medicine for bacterial vaginosis without any positive results.

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