How To Treat Foul Vaginal Odor

By admin | November 23, 2011

The term “foul vaginal odor” is simply three little words yet it brings with it much anxiety and embarrassment for women. Many women have at some point in their lives experienced the horror of having a foul smell emanate from their vagina. While the vagina has a natural odor or smell, foul vaginal odor is usually due to an imbalance in the bacteria in the vagina. Many people are of the opinion that foul vaginal odor occurs as a result of poor personal hygiene but on the contrary it is more likely to be as a result of excessive washing of the area which destroys both good and bad bacteria.

How To Treat Foul Vaginal Odor-Simple Measures

It is therefore recommended that women shower only two times daily. Perfumed soaps should be avoided as they can disturb the pH balance in the vagina and destroy the good bacteria there. You should also refrain from douching if you suffer from this embarrassing problem on a consistent basis. Again, the harsh chemicals in douche may do more harm than good in treating foul vaginal odor. It is also recommended that the vaginal area be shaved in order to ensure it is kept clean and dry and does not harbor bad bacteria which contributes to the issue of foul vaginal odor.

Wearing cotton panties instead of panties made from synthetic material will also help to treat and prevent foul vaginal odor as cotton panties enable air to move around the vagina keeping it cool and fresh. Panty liners may also be worn if you have a lot of vaginal discharge as they help to mask foul vaginal odors. They should however be changed several times throughout the day. Sanitary napkins should also be changed frequently as stale blood can decompose and cause unpleasant smells.

Cranberry and pineapple juice are said to contain properties which prevents bacteria from forming in the vagina. Drinking a glass of cranberry or pineapple juice each day will help to treat foul vaginal odor as it fights off the effects of bad bacteria in the vagina. Symptoms will usually clear up in a few days after you start drinking either of the juices.

Another great way to treat foul vaginal odor is by using baby wipes. Yes, using baby wipes instead of toilet paper actually helps to clean the vaginal area thoroughly and helps to maintain the vagina’s freshness. It is therefore a good idea to keep some baby wipes in the bathroom as well as in your purse to use when you are away from home. Baby wipes may be more expensive than tissue but the help you maintain a fresh, clean feel which is worth much more.

With all the ways to treat this persistent problem, women should take comfort in knowing that relief is available. Bad and unpleasant vaginal smells can happen to any woman but with these easy remedies we do not have to suffer the embarrassment for very long if at all, because these treatment options are also preventative methods that will also prevent the formation of bad smells.

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